Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Morning Workshop at Dulwich Pre-Prep

Anna was delighted when informed that the boys of Dulwich Pre-Prep were studying her work during last term.  As part of Art week, Anna was invited to hold a workshop this Monday morning.

With some help from Anna, the boys used their imagination and created some great characters with fabrics, feathers, glue and plenty of fluffy fur!  (that went everywhere!)

We look forward to seeing the end results of their workshop when they are completed and will keep you posted - in the mean time, here are some snaps from the day.

Brian the Lion!  Anna based her Lion on a character in a recent play performed by the boys.

A fabulous example of how the boys have used collage to create birds like Anna's earlier in the term!

Anna eyes up the competition - it's Friday Night!

A lovely thank you card made for Anna!

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